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Tired of calling several agencies, posting ads and still can't find the right talent? No need to look further! Xpert Recruiters LLC is the solution to your recruiting dilemmas. With over 30 years of combined experience, we have Recruiters that specialize in Engineering, IT, Science, Finance & Accounting, Administrative and Healthcare. We have a network of Recruiters that will find you the talent you want for the most competitive price in the industry. Our seasoned network of Recruiters know the industry, know the talent, plus want to get to know you! We match our valued clients to our valued candidates by finding the "key to hire" elements you were never asked by other agencies. We don't rely on job boards because you already do that, we relay on our Recruiter's talent and resources to find you the talent you deserve!

The Reason why Xpert is RIGHT for you:

Xpert Team: Our team is one that represents all key stakeholders and allows you to evaluate the client and their proposed solutions accurately and from all angles. An inclusionary project team will ensure that your desired outcome includes all constituent requirements with a solution that is practical for successful results.

Xpert Specialized Recruiting and Professional Services: We offer on-site and off-site Executive recruiting services to supplement existing recruiting capabilities, resulting in an efficient and cost effective hiring process. Our team has successfully completed many difficult, complex and sensitive recruiting assignments in California and Nationwide . Acting as an integral partner to the client's recruiting process we can offer unparalleled delivery under tight deadlines and stringent parameters with the highest quality service.

Xpert Will Provide:

  • 24/7 Customer Service with Emergency on Demand needs
  • Contingency and retained on-demand professional recruiting services.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Targeted skill searching, market research and successful placements.
  • Full search capabilities via networking, internet, social media and traditional sourcing.
  • Identification of behaviors, technical qualifications and experience through extensive interviewing processes.
  • National, Federal and local background checks, reference verification, technical and personality profiles.
  • Development of customized recruiting process and procedures.
  • Experienced salary negotiations that will be cost effective to you



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